You dream of those gorgeous hand lettered signs on Pinterest but are overwhelmed with the idea of creating them yourself.


You’ve spent days scouring Pinterest and Etsy on the search for the perfect day of details for your wedding or event but everything is starting to look the same. Your Pinterest board is full of ideas but you’re not sure how to create a unified design. And the last thing you want to do is add yet another DIY project to your long to-do list.

Sound like you? No worries; I got you.


Melody Lane Press is a boutique design studio specializing in modern calligraphy and hand lettering. I create whimsical and stylish hand lettered signage that’s unique and designed specifically for you. Let me sweat the details and weave all the lovely ideas you love into a beautiful and cohesive look for your wedding or event.

Meet Teana, Chief Creative Hand

Hey there! I’m Teana. I’m the Chief Creative Hand here at Melody Lane Press.

My admiration of typography runs deep; while I love a good type form, I’ve always been fascinated by how font styles convey specific feelings. I was probably the only kid in my second grade class who was beyond stoked to finally learn cursive.

Creating has been a constant throughout my life; whether I was writing a short story or discovering new ways to get in trouble (heh). While I experimented with different creative outlets, I always found myself doodling letters and words: from bubble letters and Stussy-Ss to signing my name over and over again, so when I was introduced to hand lettering and calligraphy in 2016, it felt like everything had fallen into place.

My favorite thing about hand lettering and calligraphy is being able to create art with letters and words. It’s awesome that I now get to create these lovely pieces of art for you. I’m excited you’re here and look forward to lettering up some magic for your life.

Curious about this lettering magic? Of course you are. Follow the link below to learn more about what Melody Lane Press can do for you!

[Photos by Portrait Photography]